IELTS Exam – United states – May 14 2017

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    Hello Atul,I had an IELTS general exam yesterday (13-05-2017) in St.Paul,MN,United states.
    The Questions are as follows
    Writing Task 1 :
    1.Your friend wants his son to stay with you on his vacation. But its not possible for you. Apologize your friend and also suggest better place for his son.
    Writing Task 2* (*This is the ask i remember but dont know the exact phrase)
    Some people think that building a new home consists of Yards,garden and balcony. But is there are disadvantages over advantages.? What do you think.
    Part 1 :
    Tell me about your self , you study or work ?
    Tip* I didn complete in single word. I said i work here. I completed my graduation in fact 6 years ago. Make sure you eloborate your answers rather keep it in single word
    Which subject you dont like ?
    I said mathematics and laughed.
    She asked why ?
    I said i could not remember lot of formulae that time 😀 but i managed to pass. Later i realized mathematics is the most essential everywhere.
    Part 2 :
    Remember the event that had happened in the history .
    How you came to know about it
    What you do that time .
    Ans: Make sure you mention the event first, then how you know , then what you were doing and explain what exactly happened. This way you are covering all the parts.
    Part 3 :
    So how do you think having those events read by books or heard from some one?(* i asked her again “Do you mean what is the best way ? She said yes So i make sure i listen to her and asking back again which gives her a positive image about me.)
    I said hearing from someone who actually know the complete history is always gives you lot of information than reading the histories just by mind. She agreed.
    What are the things the important people do to stand in the history .
    1. I said their determination, hard work and willing to stand against problems
    Thats it, hope i did it well.
    By the way Atul, thank you so much for your guidance.. God bless you!

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