IELTS Exam – UK – May 13 2017

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    Hi Atul, I’ve sat Ielts in UK today, I’m feeling quite confident of getting the required band of 7.
    Reading passage 3 was about Ants, and different types of ANTS.. Wild ants and it’s categories, ie Queen, soldier, small, medium, larger worker group ants. Five Questions were about matching certain tasks performed by these different groups and some summary questions.
    Reading passage 2 was Flow chart about disciplinary procedures.
    General training writing Task 1. Responding to airlines request for feedback about recent travel.
    You should say 1) why you choose airline
    2) what was your experience like
    3) make one suggestion for improvement
    General training Task 2. People retire at 60 or 65 generally. Some believe that they should be allowed to work as long as they want.
    Discuss this.
    Atul, In introduction I said, I agree to certain extent with people’s view on allowing people to carry on working after 65 but I also believe that people who are against the idea may have a valid argument.
    Para 1, I write about advantages of allowing people to work… If government raise more revenue in taxes, organisations benefit from experienced work force and beneficial to individuals as sometimes people loose focus in life as they have nothing to do after retirement.
    Para 2, looked other side.. Might be dangerous in some cases as reaction get slower for aged. Less opportunites for youth.
    Para 3, conclusion.. I counted my words at the end and it was 244…so I started to write another sentence and exam finished and I couldn’t complete the sentence… How will this effect my Score?
    Speaking part 1
    About work
    Different job you want in future
    Celebrity you seen
    Celebrity you want to meet
    Do you like chocolates?
    Give any chocolate to anyone?
    Why people give chocolate to others?
    Sounds too many questions for part 1???Atul?
    Speaking part 2, which science interests you, physics, medical and one other?
    Should say why it interests you most
    One science invention
    When you became aware of this invention
    Is it easy to find materials related to science?
    How science effects you daily basis?
    Are people aware of science around in their houses?
    One most important science invention in last 100 years or so?
    One invention that could happen in future?
    Atul, I dreaded science topic for speaking and I don’t think I did too well. But in part 1 and part 3 I am hopeful of band 7. There was no clock in front me to keep timings for part 2, I think I ran out of things to say after 1 minute, there was bit of gap and examiner didn’t ask next question so I repeated myself in last sentence. What would happen if I spoke less than 1 minute? How would I know of this without a clock?

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