IELTS Exam – Toronto – May 14 2017

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    Hey Atul,I used your website and it is so much helpful. I had my general test on 13 may 2017 in Toronto. Below are the questions that I was asked in writing.
    part 1 Write a letter to yourfriend as his son is coming to your country on vaction and he will stay at your place. so write him why he cant stay and reasosn . if you can make some arrangements for him.
    for task 2
    some people think that new house design should include private outoor space like garden, lawn or yard.
    Are their more disadvantages or advantages?
    for task 2 I need your opnion for my ideas. as I wrote for advantages children will get space for playing, people who love growing vegetables, help in maintaining the environment.
    for drawback, I wrote problem cause for roads and footpaths.
    Speaking Test
    what is your name
    I should call you by what name
    do you like to live in home or flat
    would yp refer home in the future
    do you like reading comic books
    do you read online magazines
    do you think teenagers and older people love maganizes
    part 2 describe an occasion when you had a cake.
    part 3
    have you ever made a cake
    some people think that there should be much variety of food in occasions
    some people try out something and why
    In your country in what occasion do you have a different kind of food
    do you think that meal that family takes at night brings them together.

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