IELTS Exam – St. John’s, Canada – May 13 2017

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    General Speaking test on May 13,2017 in St. John’s, Canada– where are you from
    -where do you live now? your apartment? do you like it?
    -Do you play any music instruments?
    -Do you think that children should have music classes at school? did you have any music class at school?
    Cue card:
    Talk about one if your neighbors. who is it? where did you meet? what you do?
    I tried to talk as much as I can, but when I stopped she asked me if I know any other neighbors and when I was answering that she said ok it’s enough. I don’t know if it will reduce my score.
    – Do neighbors know each other a lot in your country?
    – what can communities do to help them know each other?
    -what can businesses do regarding this?

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