IELTS Exam – Portugal – May 29 2017

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    hi Atul, just had my exam last may are some of the questions i remembered.
    writing task 1.
    table of population statistics of malaysia and australia.
    writing task 2
    Nowadays, parents tend to give anything their children wants and allow them to do what they want.
    is this good for them?
    what are the consequences in the future?
    what happened to my writing was i only addressed the things that are given to children, it was late when i read again the question and found out that i didn’t write about allowing children what they want to do. I enjoyed writing but now i was too worried what will be my score. ☹
    do you like your home?
    do you live in a house or flat?
    did you ever buy something because of an advertisement?
    do you like funny or serious ads?
    what do you think of billboards ads?
    what about internet pop ups ads?
    task 2
    an event where you came very early
    when and where?
    why did you came so early?
    how do you felt after coming so early?
    task 3
    about time management
    are young better in managing time than those of the older ones?
    can’t remember other questions but almost all about time mngt
    thanks Atul! More power!
    please include me in your prayers! 😊

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