IELTS Exam – Poland Poznan – May 25 2017

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    I had an ielts exam today in Poland Poznan. LRW GeneralListening:
    1)Text about damages – was easy
    2)Choirs concert – no comments to the hall plan.
    3)About the zoo and problems with staff and students – the tasks were paraphrased, so it made a very little sence .
    4) Vertical farms – was easy.
    1)Text about teams at work – easy
    2)Text about some sports club – very easy
    3)Don’t remember 🙁
    4) the history of bicycles – very easy
    1) a letter to the restaurant owner nearby about the noise.
    2) An essay about which leaders :young or old are better.
    P.S. I am a native speaker and I took the test just to see it myself, Honestly I have no idea for whom do they prepare those tests. They are much more to test the logic skills than the knowledge of the language. Waiting for the results then. I am curious how much I got.

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