IELTS Exam – Philippines – May 16 2017

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    Hi Atul I took my test on March and the result wasListening 6.5 Reading 8.5 Writing 7.5 Speaking 7
    However I didn’t get required score and I took it again on 13th May.
    It was GE
    Writing was about ask your colleague to help you for your business presentation. There is some equipment that you never used before and asked your colleague.
    Task 2 was
    Children nowadays are getting fatter and fatter. What are the reasons and how to reduce this trend ?
    I am confident for all skills except for speaking this time.
    I was really disappointed for myself.
    Part 1 was about me. Where I live? Do I learn any musical instrument when I was a child and do I think children should are allowed to learn musical instrument.
    Part 2 was About Neighbour.
    Usually when examiner asked me to stop my speaking, I got 7. I finished 10 secs early and I was so disappointed. Examiner looked at the timer and she moved to part 3.
    Part 3
    Difference between nowadays neighbours and past neighbors.
    What is the purpose of forming national community?
    Do I agree with that it’s hard to form national community?
    I think for 2nd and 3rd question I should talk about for having national community, people can support each other in the form of education and human welfare.
    I wrongly said by having national community, a specific nationals can show their richness and diversity of cultures. Different nations will be willing to explore another culture and it will lead to less discrimination.
    This is my 4th attempt to get my career and I am really disappointed. I think I did wrong for speaking and I won’t get band 7. 🙁

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