IELTS Exam – Patiala ,India – May 15 2017

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    I had an IELTS exam General on 13-05-2017 in Patiala ,India.Writing task 1
    You have recently moved to a new apartment.write a Letter to your friend and explain-
    – why you moved
    -Describe the apartment
    -Invite your friend in your apartment.
    Writing task 2
    Some people believe that it is wrong to give homework to students.some argue that extra study is beneficial for their future.. Discuss both and give your own opinion.
    Speaking 14-05-17
    Name , about home town, location, watching TV,which things you carry when you go outside,what you feel when something you forget to take with.
    Part 2
    Describe about a food which you ate from a foreign country
    When you ate
    Where and with whom
    Why you ate
    Questions related foreign country food..
    Thank you very much Atul for your guidance..My LRW test was very fine..But speaking was so so..Hope for best result.😊

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