IELTS Exam – Newcastle UK – May 13 2017

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    Hi Atul, I wrote my test today 13th of May in Newcastle, U.K and your lessons where very useful, thank you.
    Here are some of the questions.
    Writing Part 1
    You have been contacted by the airline you recently to write a review about them. Write on why you chose the airline? What you enjoyed most about the experience?
    Writing Part 2
    Workers are required to retire between 60 – 65 years old. Some people think they should be allowed to keep on working.
    What’s your opinion?
    Do you like shoes?
    Do you buy shoes based on comfort or style?
    Do you think some people have too many shoes?
    Part 3
    Talk about a quiet place you like going to.
    Where is this place?
    Why do you go there?
    When do you go there?
    Hopefully, this directly helps someone.

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