IELTS Exam – Mumbai – May 23 2017

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    Date of exam:22 May 2017Location: Mumbai
    Speaking test.
    Okay for speaking test
    Part 1
    *About my study
    -Are you studying or working
    -what do study
    -why i chose that subject
    -what speciality is owned in that subject?
    -whats my future planing after completing studies? Why
    * About birthday
    – tell me what you do on birthday
    -do you enjoy your birth day at this age? Why
    – during childhood how special was your birthday? Why
    -did you still love celebrating your birthday the way you celebrate during childhood ? Why
    – In your country which birthday are known to be special birthday
    Part 2
    Give information regarding to the city you recently visited
    Part 3
    – what makes cities beautiful.? Why
    – what kind of artitechure in your city are famous
    -how city life can be helpful to the people
    – what do you think in future people will prefer more city life? Why?
    – why do you think people want to stay in city
    -Is educational institue helps in city development ? Why or whynot?
    -how far transportation plays role in development of city life
    This are all the question of my test
    My L/R/W is on 25 May 2017 will surely post after I’m done with my exam

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