IELTS Exam – Madrid, Spain – May 14 2017

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    Hi Atul !!These are the questions from yesterday 13th May 2017 in Madrid, Spain, academic test:
    1.Where are you from? Do you work? Where? Do you want to work in the same profession in the future?.
    Next questions were about sunny weather and sunlight… Do you like it? Is it usual in your country? What activities do you do? What are your feelings? Does your country use solar energy?
    2. Describe a happy memory in childhood. What age, with who you were, what it was and explain why was so happy.
    3. Why some people remember more than others their childhood? Which memory do you think is the first we have? And memories in adults? what do we remember more often? what do we forget more often? What can we do to prevent it? Could we do exercise to stop memory loss?
    1. Diagram about deep-fried salted peanuts production.
    2. Young people and smartdevices used for their entertainment. Are they positive or negative for their development? Give reasons, examples of your own and relevant evidence.
    1. Influence of potato in Europe.
    2. IQ scores and intelligence
    3. Humanities in health students in a Canadian University
    1.Art classes enrollment
    2.Diving into sunken ships in Britain
    3. Discussion about a project trip with map.
    4. Plastic degradation
    Best regards!

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