IELTS Exam – Lima, Perú – May 15 2017

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    Hello Atul,Type: ACADEMIC/L, R & W – S
    Date: Saturday the 13th of May (L, R & W)
    Date: Monday the 15tn of May (Speaking)
    Location: Lima, Perú, South America
    LISTENING: about
    1. A horseback riding tour.
    2. A Seal research between 2 students.
    3. A fair or some special event in one city.
    4. About a report made by the army.
    1. An Antartic sailing documentary.
    2. A robot inspired by a gecko.
    3. Optimism research
    1. A bar graph about the salary of different job fields and a 2×2 table about the annual average of all those job fields.
    2. Agree or Disagree essay. Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements, and this sets a bad example to young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Atul, I structured my essays this way.
    -introduction + thesis statement (i said that in my opinion there were more negative impacts)
    – I gave a positive example.
    – And then I support my thesis statement with 2 examples where celebrities were a bad example.
    – On my conclusion, I wrote again about the negative impacts even though some of them can achieve positive things.
    Do you think this structure will be valid for this type or essay?
    PART 1
    1. If I work or study? (i work)
    2. What is my job?
    3. What do you do after work?
    4. Do you like watching TV? what do you like watching? How often should I watch it and how many hours? several questions about TV.
    5. About indoor games, do you like indoor games? why? what game do I want to learn?
    PART 2
    Describe a situation that was new or exciting to me. What was it, when did I do it? why was this activity exciting?
    PART 3
    – If I believe that people learn from their mistakes? why?
    – Why people don´t like to take risks.
    – Why do some people very extreme activities?
    – A couple more I don´t remember quite well.
    Greetings from Peru.

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