IELTS Exam – Karachi, Pakistan – May 25 2017

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    GT, 25-May-17, Karachi, PakistanThank you Atul for all the help and tips. You are a great instructor and facilitator.
    Sec-1: Conversation between a tenant and rental agent regarding the problems faced by the tenant in repairs in the house.
    Sec 2 and 3 I don’t remember.
    Sec-4: Speech by a professor on King Crab
    Three 1 page passages on Water sports coaching, Express Phone Bank, and one more I don’t remember.
    One 2 pages long article on bicycles having 12 questions including matching the data given to the paragraphs (paragraphs can have more than one data), matching 4 bicycles’ characteristics from a list of 8 options, and 3 two-word blank questions.
    TASK 1 – Letter (Complaint; Formal)
    You are unhappy due to the noise from a restaurant near your home. Write a letter to the owner of the restaurant addressing the following points:
    – How are you affected by the noise
    – Suggest some solutions to the problem
    – What action will you take if the problem is not resolved
    TASK 2 – Essay
    Leaders of all kinds are younger than in the past. What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development?

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