IELTS Exam – Illinois, USA – May 26 2017

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    Test Date : 05/13/2017Test Center: Illinois, USA
    Type of Test: General Training
    Here are the questions
    Writing part 1 :
    Your best friend son is visiting your country on a holiday and your friend wants him to stay with you during vacation . Write a letter to your friend to apologize that its not possible and tell her why and also suggest other accommodation for her son.
    Writing part 2:
    Some people think new building designs should include private out door space . What are the advantages and disadvantages of having private out door space
    Where do you Live
    what do you do study or work
    why this job
    give more reasons why did you choose this path
    Do you think advertisements help people
    Do you like ads when you are browsing
    Do you think ads on walls is a good idea to market
    Part 2:
    Explain about an event that you did attend recently
    what was the event about
    whom did you go with
    Can’t remember the complete question
    Part 3:
    discussion about how modernization in cities intruding into personal space and no time to focus on personal life ..
    Do you prefer big apartments or peaceful individual home and why
    Does the apartments with large number of people affecting people personal life
    and some more questions on cost of living and living in cities to living in suburbs etc
    My tips :
    Listening . Practice practice and practice to get best score
    Writing : Follow tips,linking words and examples from Atul’s page and remember some good words we can use in all the topics
    Speaking : Talk talk and talk . Notice your English while you talk and think the examiner as a known person and discuss in general
    Reading : I am not sure about the tips , But practice reading too to catch the speed and time . Time is very important factor in reading as you get lengthy passage .
    This is my opinion and not sure if this is right
    Hope this post helps

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