IELTS Exam – Hyderabad – May 21 2017

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    Hi Atul, I’ve just finished my speaking test.Date: 21st of May.
    Venue: Hyderabad
    Part I
    About myself: Name, what do i do? from where?
    House: what kind of house do you live in? do you like it? why? what kind of house do you wish t live in future?
    Pop-star : who is your favourite ? why? do you prefer a live concert? do you wish to become popstart ?
    politeness: who taught you to be polite ? is it important ? is this generation more polite than past?
    Part II
    talk about a person who has solved a critical problem cleverly.
    – what’s the problem was
    – who the person is
    -why do you think he solved it cleverly
    Part III
    – are children born clever or they are trained to be clever?
    – what roles do schools play in this?
    – are clever children the most happy ?
    – Do adults need to be clever in daily life?
    – will intelligent and clever people become successful in life ?
    (from the best of what i remember)
    Speaking has always been my achilles heel. I enjoy expressing my thoughts through writing. I had prepared well and was hopeful of remembering all the tips and suggestions you mentioned while speaking. But soon after i started speaking, all the grammar rules, vocabulary, paraphrasing went up in smoke. I just spoke my mind and gone with the flow and had soo many stutters as a result, anxiety got the best of me. However, I have gut feeling that i did well 🙂 !

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