IELTS Exam – Hong Kong – May 21 2017

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    Hello Atul,I just finish written test in Hong Kong on 20 May, and speaking test on a day after, below is the topic for you guys reference.
    Writing task 1:
    A flow chart of canned soft drinks manufacturing process
    Writing task 2:
    Some one said build social life with colleagues is a good idea, some body said no.
    Discuss both sides and give options.
    Speaking part 1:
    Do you like swimming?
    Do you like to be a teacher?
    What part you like most in school?
    Speaking part 2:
    Talk about a popular swimming place.
    What makes it popular?
    Who goes there?
    Speaking part 3:
    Who is the most suitable person to teach child swimming? Parents? Physical coach?
    Do you think is a good idea that child have a swimming lesson in school?
    At the end, is there any candidate faced the same situation in speaking test same as me?
    In the last 2 times I took the IELTS, the examiners seem extremely tired.
    Although they did not fall in sleep during the test, it most likely they can not be focused in it.
    Have everyone seen similar case before?

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