IELTS Exam – Egypt – May 27 2017

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    General Training, 25/5/2017Alexandria, Egypt
    Writing task 1: Write a letter to restaurant manager to complain about noise coming from it.
    Main points: (How this affects you, your suggestions to the manager, what would you do if nothing changes)
    Writing task 2: Leaders now are younger than the past.
    Main points: (reasons, positives and negatives, your opinion and any examples from your knowledge)
    Part 1: (after introduction about your namr, where you live and do you want to change place, the topic was about friends: Do you have alot of friends, How often do you spend time with them, Do you want more friends in the future, …)
    Part 2: (was about a hard thing you had to wait for it: what was it, how long did you wait for it, how did you achieve it, …)
    Part 3: (related to part 2 and was about “Patience”: are you a patient person, do you think more patience is good for people, how can people become more patient, …)
    Hope that helps …

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