IELTS Exam – Colombo – May 26 2017

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    Hi Atul,I am Senani. My Exam location is Colombo and I did the General Training Exam and may exam date is 26/05/2017.
    Writing Test Task 01:
    Write a letter to a restaurant manager to inform that the noise is not acceptable in his restaurant.
    You should say:
    How you effect from the noise.
    What they can do so
    What is your action if the restaurant did not reduce the noise?
    Writing Test Task 02:
    Leaders are younger than the past. Write your opinion for this.
    Speaking Test Section 01:
    Topic: Friends
    Do you spend time with your Friends?
    Do you have best friend or friends group?
    Do you think that you will have more friends in future?
    How about your best friend and how long you be with her?
    Topic: TV Program
    Do you often watch TV?
    What sorts of things do you watch on TV?
    What is your favorite TV program?
    Do you ever watch foreign programs or films?
    What did you watch on TV when you were a child?
    Do you think children should watch TV?
    Speaking Test Section 02:
    Topic: House
    Describe your favorite house that you are visited.
    Where it is?
    How often do you go there?
    Why do you interest to go there?
    And explain what the things that you like there?
    Speaking Test Section 03:
    Topic: House
    What type of houses is more popular in Sri Lanka?
    Why most Sri Lankan like that?
    Do you think that houses in Countryside or City side are better?
    Why do you think so?
    Topic: Power
    What are the things that people use power in houses?
    Do you think that people wasting power in Sri Lanka and how?

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