IELTS Exam – Cairo Egypt – May 13 2017

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    Hi AtulMy Academic Ielts, Egypt Cairo
    For speaking part:
    part 1:
    full name/do you live in house or apartment?/do you like it?/will do change it in the future?
    what type of jewellery do you like?why?
    For whom do you buy jewellery?
    when do you wear jew.?
    historical figure:
    what is your favourite historical figure?
    what was your favourite historical place while childhood?
    part 2: happy experience through the childhood.
    part 3:
    what are the important things people should remember?
    how do people improve their memory?
    dose technology affect negatively or positively on the human memory?
    should people remember the success or failure?
    why did people seem respectful in the past when they dealt with others? (as I remember )
    heartfelt thanks for you Atul.
    please…wish me luck !!!

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