IELTS Exam – Brazil – May 12 2017

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    hi Atul, some posts here were so helpful, in fact one of the posted pointers from their speaking exam came out as my set of questions. thus, i think as to express my gratitude for all your help, id like to share my experience too during my last speaking appointment: these were my questions:Part 1
    Can you please give me your full name
    Where do you come from and describe your place?
    Are you happy living in your hometown?
    Do you plan staying in the same place or you have plans moving out to another town or city?
    Did you like wearing watch during your childhood?
    Why do people love wearing expensive watch?
    Were you happy in your high school days?
    Part 2
    Describe a high paying job you think you will do best?
    1. What is this job?
    2. what will you do in this job?
    3. Why do you think you are best in this job?
    What will be your contributions out of this job?
    Part 3
    Is money relevant to a person’s job?
    What motivates you to work?
    Do you think motivation should come from the employer or employee?
    What happen if a colleague does not cooperate in the company?
    Is wealth necessary for happiness?
    What are the benefits that company will get if there is teamwork?
    Do you see yourself becoming a teacher in the future?
    I was just happy that i was able to apply all the lessons I have gotten from your site that made me confident during the course of my speaking exam..
    thanks a lot Atul..

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