IELTS Exam – Barcelona – May 11 2017

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    Hi, just had my speaking test today.1st part
    Where are you from? Why is it interesting?
    Do you do house chores?
    What is the house work that you dislike?
    Do help in doing house hold Chores? (I think i messed up here coz i was meaning to say I’m lazy but instead i said I’m laid back person, I don’t do a lot Of chores.
    2nd turn
    What does people consider as quiet place?
    Why do you like it
    Who are you with
    -i answered church then explained
    What else do you consider as quiet place
    -i said library and comfort room at home(lols)
    Do you think it is possible to have an absolute quiet place?
    -i said no, some factors cannot be controlled Such as noise outside
    -what if you’re in a total quiet place? What do you think of that(or sumthing Like that)
    -i said it would be scary and i will have that Erie feeling

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