IELTS Exam – Bangladesh – May 17 2017

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    Just one hour ago completed the speaking test!17th May.
    From Bangladesh
    Part 1:
    Ehat do you do?
    Lots of questions about holida like,
    Why do you like to have holiday?
    What do you do on holiday?
    What was your best holiday time in life?
    Do the people like holiday?
    What do you do when see water?
    Did you get any jouney by ship or boat?
    And so on…..
    Cue card :
    Talk about a garden that you visoted?
    Many more questions related to part 2.
    Thanks a lot Atul for your outstanding suggestions!
    I have question:I was wrongly answering about hobby while I supposed to answer about holiday,immediately the examiner noticed me she was asking me about holiday!
    Right tht moment, I started to speak on holiday!
    Can you please tell me how will it affect my score?

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