IELTS Exam – Ahmedabad India – May 24 2017

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    May 24, 2017, Ahmedabad (India)Speaking Module, General Training.
    Part 1:
    Full name?
    Work or Study?
    Why you like what you are doing?
    Will you continue doing same work in future?
    What is better for travel, Bus or Train?
    What government can do to improve it?
    Part 2:
    Tell us about the last city you visited.
    Part 3:
    Does buildings characterise a city?
    Bundle of questions about pros and cons of city life.
    One question ma’am, In part 2, Eventually she asked me to stop but in between she recommended to continue as i was pausing between topics, so is that a bad sign?
    Apart from this, i did answer all the questions with relative information.

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